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Solar iBoost+

The Solar iBoost+ is a unique immersion diverter, that allows you to convert free solar energy from your solar panels into hot water. When installed, it will save you money by cutting the cost of your water heating and reducing the strain on your boiler. By installing a Solar iBoost+ you will be simply maximising your use of free solar energy generation by generating hot water for your home or business free of charge at any time of day.

As long as you have a hot water tank with an immersion installed, you can use the excess energy generated by your solar panels to heat your water. Every unit of power used to heat your water in this way reduces imported energy by the same amount resulting in a significant saving in energy costs.


What are the benefits of a Solar iboost+?

Energy bill reduction
A solar water heating system uses the naturally occurring energy from the sun. It’s a great way to save money on your water heating bills by reducing your reliance on electricity from the grid. Once you’ve paid for the initial installation, your hot water costs will be reduced dramatically.


Lowers your carbon footprint

As the greenest way to heat water, Solar iboost+ heating systems generate hot water for your home or business with zero emissions. They’re low maintenance, have a long lifespan, and most importantly—they’re reliable. 


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Sunset on Solar Panels

If you are interested in a solar iBoost+ system for your home or business, contact our friendly, solar specialists who would love to chat to you and answer any questions you may have. 

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What our customers say

"I am pleased with the service provided by Dan King and his colleagues at Bright Light Technologies. His detailed solar panel survey and helpful advice in May 22 was cost competitive with 4 other quotes and led me to place the order in June. Panels were installed early July, with delivery and installation of the inverter late August and batteries in October. Minor issues with meters were quickly rectified, the quality of design, installation and commissioning were excellent and the performance of the solar and battery system has been as expected. Thanks to Dan, Kelly and Andy for a great job." 

Mark Smith

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