LED for Warehouses

Savings within this sector are of significant value in energy consumption, the production of carbon emissions and savings of cashflow. Many manufacturers have already made the shift nationally and globally and upgraded their lighting to LED.

LED’s clever technology works tremendously well in warehouses and mass storage spaces. Here is why:

  1. LED’s use the least energy for lighting sizable spaces

  2. They are super resistant to extreme temperatures

  3. LED’s require minimum to zero maintenance

How much can your warehouse save with LED lighting?

Contact us for an accurate lighting survey and a savings calculation.

Prime Print Group

"All of the staff have commented on the lighting - particularly in the print room - where colour matching is important". — Adrian Tolley, Director, Prime Print Group Ltd


Prime Group is a successful creative, print and communications company. The HQ in Mansfield Nottinghamshire installed a range of ROBUS fittings throughout the building with 16 of the 2 x 40W Vulcan LED Corrosion Proof fitted in the mezzanine.

Retrofit solution
The long term energy saving’s associated with the Vulcan made it the perfect solution for the mezzanine area of this new printing facility. In particular the Vulcan features below:

  • Colour temperature: 5200K CCT made the Vulcan a suitable fitting whilst providing clear visibility

  • Lumen output: Again with 7600 lumen output, using only 77 watts of power the 2 x 40W fitting was ideal

  • 35% energy savings: Aesthetically the fitting worked, in terms of performance it worked and the fact that it also saved 35% energy versus lower cost fluorescent solutions confirmed it to be the best commercial choice


Assumptions: Savings over 5 years, 14 hour use per day, lamp replacement cost £1.00, £5.00 labour cost per lamp change, £0.14kwh.

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