LED for Schools

Lighting accounts for about 50% of any school’s electricity bill, so it’s no surprise that more schools in the UK are opting for investing in LED lighting.

LED is one of the fastest ways to cut down in electrical consumption, compensate the rise in energy prices and reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, changing your school’s lighting to an LED model can reduce your lighting bill up to 80% when combined with a better use of daylight, the installation of motion sensors and switching off lights in empty classrooms.

Energy-efficient lighting not only can make significant savings in any school costs, but can also improve the learning environment leading to improved student performance.

The quality of light affects people on many different ways, and a better lighting can improve concentration and calm pupils.

How much can your school save with LED lighting?

Contact us for an accurate lighting survey and a savings calculation.


High-efficiency LuxPanels from Luceco.

Offering a market-leading efficacy of 147 luminaire lumens per watt.

LuxPanels from Luceco offer a unique design, the high efficiency Backlit panels have a completely frameless appearance and boast a market-leading efficacy of 147 luminaire lumens per watt. Carbon Downlights were also installed in circulation areas, providing an ideal replacement form compact fluorescent downlights, offering running cost savings of up to 60%. Designed to retrofit ceiling cut-outs of common compact fluorescent downlights, the fitting is also supplied with interchangeable bezel options.

Exmouth Community College now benefits from the huge advantages of LED energy-efficient luminaires compared to traditional light-sourced fittings, providing cost-effective, durable and safe lighting that meets the demands of any educational environment.

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