LED for Offices

The undoubtedly key benefit of LED lighting is the high savings in energy consumption thanks to their outstanding performance, but LED’s are also becoming popular among offices thanks to their influence in productivity. 

Lighting is a key element to having a productive and healthy workplace, it affects how we feel and it influences our mood and performance. A poor lighting can lead to fatigue and eye-strain and a good one can improve employees’ performance.

Furthermore, LED lighting is also conquering the office space because it’s one of the easiest ways to having a more sustainable building and meeting your organisation's environmental responsibilities.

How much can your office save with LED lighting?

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The LED Group


30 Panels installed in corridors, meeting rooms and offices.

30 panels were used to replace 35 PL Downlights (2 x 26W) on PIR switching. The life of the LEDs in the Panel is not reduced when used with PIRs, resulting in reduced energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

The low glare diffuser alleviates eye strain providing a comfortable working environment. The Panel also comes with easy to fit male/female connectors - meaning the retrofit was completed quickly with minimum disruption to staff.



Based on fittings being in operation 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, 50 weeks per year = 4,200 hours a year. All case studies are based on unit electricity of 0.17. Additional savings in labour and maintenance due to LED Panel's longer life.

Based on the use of 420 ROBUS LED Panels

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