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At Bright Light Technologies we can help your business make a return on investment while improving your carbon footprint. We are a Norwich-based company and have specialised in the installation of Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels for over 4 years.

Installing Solar PV will be a PR coup by proving your green credentials to your customers through lower carbon emissions, but it will also save you money. Not only will you no longer have to pay costly electricity bills, meaning you’ll be protected from price increases and energy shortages, you will actually earn money through the government’s Feed in Tariff.

In other words, you can maximise the value of your underused land or surfaces – the roofs of buildings and other unused areas – all while powering your business with clean, renewable energy.

Solar PV can achieve an ROI of up to 17%, which is twice that of the best savings account on the market. The ROI can increase for businesses that also operate during the weekend. The income is also incredibly secure, because the government’s Feed in Tariff is guaranteed for 20 years.

The current political climate is increasingly focused on the importance of environmental accountability. This means that businesses will have an ever-growing obligation to reduce carbon footprints and emissions. ISO 14001 is now a basic prerequisite in many areas, and is used as a benchmark in tendering exercises. Installing Solar PV alongside an environmental management plan will give you a real competitive edge and could be the deciding factor in attracting new business.

Solar PV is a proven and reliable technology with no moving parts, which means minimal maintenance is required. The panels generate energy from radiation, which means they don’t need it to be sunny, and while they are best on south-facing roofs, they work almost as well when east- or west-facing. Typically Solar PV installations don’t require planning permission, with very little red tape involved in the rare instances that they do.

Contact us now to talk to our expert team, who will guide you through your installation options and the benefits.

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