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Bright Light Technologies is a specialist Solar PV and battery storage company based in Norwich, Norfolk. We are a friendly, dedicated team with over a decade of experience in both the electrical and energy efficiency field.


Our expertise focuses on the upgrading and installation of rooftop and ground mounted PV (photovoltaic) systems for residential, commercial and agricultural clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

We empower businesses to be more energy efficient, which means that our customers feel proud that they are contributing to a cleaner greener more stable future. There are numerous and significant benefits to be gained from a simple upgrade to energy efficient lighting, including savings on electricity, an increase in turnover, profit and an improved reputation with other business and customers alike.

We work closely with our customers to ensure they get the exact specifications they need. This enables you to maximise you investment and reduce your energy bills while minimising your carbon footprint.

We offer a complete service including the initial consultation, planning, design, installation and commissioning, as well as on-going support and maintenance. We use only the highest quality products from global market leaders, meaning you will have the assurance you need in terms of excellent performance and long-term reliability.​

Given that energy suppliers continue to find ways to increase the price handed down to both commercial and private customers, installing a solar PV system will offer greater independence from your electricity provider, so any future price rises will have less of an impact.


We understand that our customers need to understand precisely what it is they’re investing in, so all of our staff, including roofers, electricians and surveyors, are MCS qualified. This means that for every project, we provide a detailed installation estimate, expected payback time by the savings made.

Contact us now to speak to our experts about all your renewable energy needs.​

Bright Light Technologies

A: 2 Elvin Way, Sweet Briar Industrial Estate, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 2BB

Bright Light Technologies, Registered in England, Company no. 10006817

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